Casi cored wire

安徽快三开奖 Calcium silicon cored wire is widely used into improve the rate of calcium recovery and then reduce the cost of steel making and foundry industry.

CaSi cored wire

Chemical Analysis

CaSi cored wire (Ca30%min)

CaSi cored wire (Ca28%min)


CaSi cored wire typical data:

Wire Diameter       9mm       13mm      16mm
FILLING RATE(g/m)       120       225       330
Type of coil     A    B     C
ID    550   550    550
OD   1100   1100    1100
H/W    600   800    1100

Casi cored wire also called :  calcium silicon cored wire/calcium silicon wire/casi wire etc.. We use high grade pure 0-2mm calcium silicon granules , use a machine grinding into powder and flow out of the funnel, filled in steel trip. In this way , the raw material in the steel strip is totally purity. About the choosing steel strip, we also choose the most toughness and the most lustrous one. It can protect the raw material in it. This can be proved after you use it , so don’t hesitate to (send us inquiry)
  1. CaSi Cored Wire is used for steelmaking.It is used to control the shape、Size、and distribution of Oxide and Sulfide inclusions improving fluidity、machinability、ductility and impact properties of final product.And significantly enhance the ferro alloy yield rate,reduce alloy consumption as well as the cost of steelmaking in consequence to get remarkable economic benefits.
  2. CaSi Cored Wire are used as deoxidizer and desulfurizer in the manufacturing of high grade steel. Calcium and Silicon both have a strong chemical affinity for oxygen. Especially calcium, have a strong chemical affinity not only for oxygen, but also for sulphur and nitrogen.
  3. CaSi Cored Wire can replaces aluminium to accomplish the task of final deoxydation, and is used in the production of fine steel, special steel and special alloy. CaSi Cored Wire is required in higher quality, higher strengh steels and alloy steels
For now , Middle East , South Africa and Europe are our mainly district of export. In Southeast Asia and various countries around China, our export market is mature and stable . We have long term cooperation with them of Calcium silicon cored wire for nearly 10 years.  
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