Carbon cored wire

安徽快三开奖 C cored wire (Carbon cored wire) is used for carbon steel feeding line of medium & low carbon steel , ensure carbon stability .

Carbon cored wire
Chemical Analysis

Carbon cored wire typical data:
Wire Diameter       9mm       13mm      16mm
FILLING RATE(g/m)       55       140       210
Type of coil     A    B     C
ID    550   550    550
OD   1100   1100    1100
H/W    600   800    1100
Carbon cored wire is produced by carbon powder and steel strip. Our carbon cored wire compared with ordinary carbon powder , the most outstanding advantages are : our carbon cored wire can be directly feed into the molten steel, avoiding the carbon powder mixed into the steel slag to make the effect of increase carbon content unstable.
the reduction of the oxidation property of the molten steel can effectively increase the yield of the carbon , and the uniformity of the end point component can be accurately adjusted. After the tapping , the various components of the molten steel provide guarantee.
For carbon cored wire, we mainly export to Mexico、Italy、 Thailand、Korea、 Kazakhstan 、Iran,etc.. We have long term directly cooperation with them for more than 10 years. For other countries, we also make business with them from traders all over the world.
About packing , we use packing tape ,transparent film and steel pallet to fixed the carbon cored wire. In this way , when customer received our cored wire. The product is clean and completely. Customer can feed the wire into the feeding machine directly. Don’t need to do any other measure.
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