The Group established a R&D team in 2006. we have invested more than 15 million yuan in R&D and applied for more than 10 patents in the past 10 years. The R&D team has provided professional off-site refining technology support services for more than 30 large steel mills in the world. Research and development results:
2017,Hi-tech ® injection calcium wire has been successfully developed。
features: 1. no steel splash.2 the recovery rate is about 35% higher than the ordinary calcium wire.3 the price is similar with ordinary cargo.it will be the most cost-effective and highest technology cored wire product in the future.
2016,new synthetic slag has been successfully developed.
after many experiments, the R&D department has developed new synthetic slag product that are more important in the refining process and completely solved the problem of tiny particles in the liquid steel purification process,and start mass production.
2015,injection calcium wire has been successfully developed.
Features:1 improve the recovery rate 30% more than ordinary cafe cored wire, and the recovery rate 20% more than ordinary calcium wire. 2 after scientific calculations and many experiments, the protection of calcium metal before adding to steel package with low melting point is solved. And loss of calcium recovery rate and problem of steel splash are completely solved.
Disadvantage:higher processing costs and selling rate.
2012, ordinary calcium wire.
ordinary calcium wire has been successfully developed, which completely solved the problem of the degree of oxidation of calcium particles and harmful elements brought into the steel by iron powder during the processing of ordinary cafe cored wire,, and increased the recovery rate of calcium. About 10 %. Disadvantages: Steel splash are the same as ordinary cafe cored wires, thus causing calcium losses and environmental safety problems by larger steel splash.

2010, the world's first calcium wire was produced.

2010, the world's first calcium wire was successfully developed, which completely solved the problem that metal calcium is easily oxidized at room temperature, and argon gas protection and tidal gas combustion are required during the processing. Calcium filaments of the company are passivated to form a layer of protective layer on the surface of calcium filaments, so that the purity of calcium is improved, the problem of oxidation and easy combustion at room temperature is avoided, and the accumulation density of calcium filaments is increased.